I'm Tim Colwill.

I've just finished up my role as the (first ever) Communications Officer for the Newcastle & Northern Branch of the AMIEU, the union representing workers in the meat and dairy industries. This role involved a total transformation and overhaul of the union's branding and messaging and the launch of a new comms and recruitment strategy that took the branch to its highest membership levels in 10 years.

You can see some of my work in this role by checking out most recent portfolio - hit up this 20MB PDF and let me know what you think.

From 2011 - 2016 I was the editor-in-chief of games.on.net, the games and technology portal for iiNet Group customers. We served daily news, reviews, opinion and analysis to a monthly audience of 300,000 people across Australia and the globe.

I've been a games journalist, a game developer, a game critic, a game student, a multi-million dollar commercialisation project manager, a petrol station attendant and a pizza delivery boy. I'm also a cartoonist, a tabletop gaming enthusiast, and a Z-grade Twitter celebrity.

(I'm angling to be promoted to Y-grade in 2020. #believe.)

I live in the narcoleptic city of Perth with my wife Jess and our two idiot dogs. Please feel free to get in touch with me by email, or see what colleagues and employers have to say about me here on LinkedIn.